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Then why does he pass legislation in the dark of night with no public input?

The Governor can't be trusted!!!

June 24, 2013

How Cuomo's abortion expansion Bill was stopped.

It couldn't have been closer, as the pro-abortion side tried a last day maneuver to force a vote.

Thanks to Ed Mechmann for sending around the first two (upstate political) articles. We have posted excerpts from each article; hit the links for the full stories, which are well worth reading.

This article contains a video of Klein -

Capitol confidential: Klein, Savino explain what just happened

Sen. Jeff Klein and Diane Savino expressed deep regret at the IDC’s failure to attach the abortion plank of the Women’s Equality Act to a Marty Golden bill pertaining to medical records, and said it was a sad demonstration of what his conference has been saying: There aren’t 32 senators willing to support a woman’s right to choose.

Thirty-two members of the house voted against the procedural move: all the Republicans plus Simcha Felder, a Democrat who caucuses with the GOP, and abortion opponent Ruben Diaz Sr.

“The Independent Democratic Conference is all pro-choice,” he said. Klein said that he shared his plans with Republican Leader Dean Skelos, but not with women’s groups.

By 1 vote, Senate blocks amendment on abortion

After months of debate and a pledge from Republicans to block a bill that would cement federal abortion rights in state law, Senate Co-Leader Jeff Klein, D-Bronx, attempted to force a vote by introducing the measure as a “hostile amendment”an occasionally used by rarely successful procedural method that allows a bill to be changed as its being debated on the floor.

Lohud/Journal News did not have in-depth coverage -

N.Y. Senate blocks abortion vote; bills on women's issues stall

Here is the NY Times coverage - the title shows the proabortion legislative emphasis, willing to sacrifice the other parts of the Woman's agenda.

All-or-Nothing Strategy on Women’s Equality Legislation Ends With Nothing

But after more than five months of advocacy by the governor — including a trip to Seneca Falls, a landmark of the women’s suffrage movement — lawmakers ended their annual session over the weekend without approving a single element of the proposal, in large part because one of the measure’s provisions would have strengthened abortion rights language in state law.

The bill’s failure followed an abrupt strategic shift in the final days of the session. Until then, Mr. Cuomo, as well as women’s right’s advocates and other Democratic elected officials, insisted that they would accept nothing less than the entire 10-point package, even if dropping the abortion language might allow them to win nine of the proposed provisions. But on Friday, the advocates splintered — Naral Pro-Choice New York stood by the all-or-nothing approach, while others, including Mr. Cuomo, urged accepting a partial victory — and the entire package sank.


The Assembly, controlled by Democrats, voted for the entire package, but the Senate, controlled by a coalition of Republicans and independent Democrats, approved only the nine provisions not about abortion. When the leader of the independent faction of Democrats, Senator Jeffrey D. Klein of the Bronx, tried to attach the abortion language to a bill on medical records, the effort failed by one vote.

Some advocates of the legislation now want the Assembly to come back and approve the non-abortion measures, even while hoping to strengthen abortion law at some other time. The Assembly speaker, Sheldon Silver, has not ruled that out.

“The bottom line is the other nine points provide important protections for women in the workplace and in the community,” said Donna Lieberman, the executive director of the New York Civil Liberties Union, “and it’s a disappointment that with such broad support, and such broad bipartisan support, those have yet to become law.”

But some lawmakers were adamant that the abortion issue was inseparable from other women’s rights concerns.

“I think it’s inappropriate and unfair to leave out women’s health when you’re claiming to be an advocate for all these other parts of a woman’s life,” said Assemblywoman Didi Barrett, a Hudson Valley Democrat who is a former board member of Planned Parenthood of New York City and Naral. “They’re all really important, but if a woman can’t make choices about her own body and her own reproductive health, you’re really not delivering equality in these other areas.”

Undoubtedly, the abortion Bill will re-surface in the future!

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The Democratic Party's Child Killing Bill is Killed!

Thanks to your prayers and actions, the onerous Cuomo Abortion Expansion Bill has failed.

Remember, however, the people who want to kill babies in the womb, (and even outside the womb), are working hard to legalize their agenda.

A battle may have been won, but the war has not.

Planned Parenthood and other life destroying forces seeking to legalize the murder of specific defenseless human beings are still out there.

We cannot let our guard down, but be ever alert.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s Radical Abortion Bill Dies

by Steven Ertelt | Albany, NY | | 6/17/13 6:54 PM

After massive opposition to the legislation Governor Andrew Cuomo is pushing that would promote unlimited abortions, the bill is now dead.

The bill, pro-life advocates say, would elevate abortion to a fundamental right and have New York on record saying the state can’t discriminate on abortion in benefits or services or anything else it provides. The measure was expected to easily pass the State Assembly but to have a harder time in the Senate, where Republicans have already pledged to block it.

From a news report:

Governor Andrew Cuomo’s bill guaranteeing abortion rights that would align New York and U.S. law was killed in the senate after a group of breakaway Democrats co-leading the chamber dropped it.

The Independent Democratic Conference, a group of four breakaway Democrats who run the senate with Republicans, introduced nine of Cuomo’s 10 Women’s Equality Agenda measures yesterday, including enhanced penalties for human traffickers and increased legal damages for women who aren’t paid equally. They left out the governor’s abortion plank.

The measure would have decriminalized abortions after 24 weeks when a woman’s health — not just her life — were at risk. Cuomo, a 55-year-old Democrat and potential presidential candidate in 2016, said it would protect women if the U.S. Supreme Court rolls back its 1973 Roe v. Wade decision recognizing the right.

“I think it’s a mistake for the IDC, who are theoretically Democrats,” Cuomo said today in a radio interview. “This is going to be an electoral decision, and it’s going to be in the re-election campaigns of these senators.”

Jeff Klein, the Bronx Democrat who leads the breakaway Democrats, said his group supports abortion rights but didn’t want to allow a vote on a bill that would fail.

In 2009, 119,996 of New York’s children lost their lives to induced abortion. Approximately 40% of pregnancies in New York City end in abortion. Among African Americans in New York City, that number climbs to 60%.

Governor Andrew Cuomo’s abortion legislation was getting the third degree from pro-life groups, upset because it is so extreme it would allow abortions on viable unborn babies.

“The governor’s Women’s Equality Act is nothing more than a Trojan Horse— a beautifully gift-wrapped package of death and destruction,” says Lori Kehoe of the New York State Right to Life Committee.

“The Governor’s newly released abortion agenda involves enshrining a barbaric federal law from the last century,” she continued. “Under Roe v. Wade, abortionists like Kermit Gosnell can kill babies with a heartbeat, babies capable of feeling pain, babies who are full term and waiting to be born. Instead of protecting these children, the governor is dragging New York in the wrong direction. Current law states that only a duly licensed physician may perform an abortion. This bill repeals that section and allows anyone to perform an abortion.”

Kehoe tells LifeNews the bill offers no guidance on how viability is determined.

“Supreme Court precedent holds that determining the viability of babies is left entirely to the abortionist’s discretion. Allowing abortionists to determine the viability of babies is a major conflict of interest that should be remedied— not enshrined in New York State law,” she said.

Roe allows for abortion until the moment of birth. Currently, babies in the womb are protected in New York State law after 24 weeks except to save the mother’s life. But Cuomo’s bill would repeal that law and insert a “health” exception, broadly interpreted by the courts to include age, economic, social and emotional factors.

Kehoe says “trimester abortion will become commonplace in New York State” — “This will expand abortion and increase the already staggering death toll.”

“If a mother needs to end her pregnancy in the third trimester, it can be safely ended with a C-section. A C-section takes minutes and results in a newborn baby. No one has to die. A third trimester abortion takes days endangering a mother’s life and results in a dead baby,” Kehoe added.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, New York already has the highest level of induced abortion in the nation.

Americans United for Life president Charmaine Yoest says the measure would protect grisly late-term abortion practitioners like Kermit Gosnell. She said that, despite the fact that New York has the highest percentage of pregnancies ending in abortion of any state in the nation, Cuomo has launched an effort that will further increase the incidence of abortion in the state.

“As the inhuman details of Kermit Gosnell’s ‘house of horrors’ trial continue to resonate, it is irresponsible for Governor Cuomo to advance a ‘Back-Alley Abortionist Empowerment Act’ seeking to remove all medically and legally appropriate protections for women and girls considering abortion,” Yoest said. “Why should women die through the misdeeds of New York abortionists unregulated, unmonitored and free to provide horrific care?

According to the most recent data from the Guttmacher Institute, the abortion-industry think tank, 33 percent of New York pregnancies ended in abortion in 2008. More pregnancies ended in abortion in New York than in any of the other 50 states.

The Reproductive Health Act would, among other things:

  • Allow non-physicians to perform abortions;
  • Remove criminal penalties even from unlawful abortions;
  • Prevent an unborn child who is the intended victim of a crime from being recognized as a victim;
  • Prevent any limitation on use of taxpayer funds to curtail New York’s Medicaid policy of paying for abortion-on-demand through all nine months of pregnancy;
  • Deceitfully redefine pregnancy as beginning at implantation – not fertilization;
  • Falsely redefine fetal (child) viability and unleash new assaults on the consciences of those who oppose participating in abortion – health care


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