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The Buffalo Regional Right to Life is a non-profit organization which seeks in the long term to reverse the Roe v Wade abortion decision of 1973.
 In the short term our focus is on direct intervention in the daily slaughter of unborn children.
 By actively supporting legislation.
By becoming involved in education.

BRRTLC has been the front line organization in Western New York.


Working with and for Pro-Life candidates.
  •  worked with the Reagan White House
  •  other numerous national leaders
  • Bob Dornan,
  •  Pat Buchanan,
  • Jack Kemp

Tireless in the fight against abortion & abortion funding.

  • ran the first buses to the MARCH FOR LIFE.

  • distributed millions of pieces of literature.

  • ran the first Crisis Pregnancy Center.

  • Organized protests.

  • Write-in campaigns.

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