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A note from Phyllis Schlafly

Senate Bill an Attack on Life at ALL Stages...


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Sex Education in
Baucus Bill

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Help Support Pro-Life Peg Luksik.

Send a message. Stop the Abortion/Euthanasia Health care Bill

Petition to Block Obama's Abortion and Euthanasia Health Care Bill

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Call your State Lawmaker NOW about the "Woman's Reproductive Domain Act"

Here are the contacts for your State Reps and Senators. Contact them to oppose Bill # 3257

Gillibrand Acts to repeal Conscience Clause


Clinton clarifies,
"Reproductive Health means Abortion".

Oppose F.O.C.A.
Oppose the NY State RHAPP Bill! For more information on FOCA, Click here.

United Way removes abortion clause.

Consider removing your support.

"... Decision outrageous and unacceptable."

Stacey Vogel

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