1. Health care reform bill pushes public school clinics

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Health care reform bill pushes public school clinics

One of the lesser known provisions of the health care reform legislation (House Resolution 3200) is that it has a section that specifically pushes school-based clinics. Long-time readers will recall that school-based and school-linked clinics have been one of Planned Parenthood’s strategies since at least 1986.

A recent opinion piece in the Dallas Republican Examiner looks into the real possibility that this could pave the way for Planned Parenthood to have even more access to our children. We encourage you to read the piece and alert your members of Congress to this additional threat in the health care reform bill.

Central Washington woman tells of unwanted abortion at PP

When she was 16, Christine Weideman was pressured into having an abortion at Planned Parenthood’s Kennewick, Washington, abortion center. She recalled,

I went to Planned Parenthood in Kennewick for a pregnancy test. They told me I was pregnant, then asked me if I wanted to schedule an abortion. It wasn’t five minutes since I had found out I was pregnant – I was still processing the shock – when they asked me if I wanted to go ahead and schedule an abortion. The lady was very cold. It was clear I was just one of millions to her. She couldn’t care less about me.

When Christine heard that Planned Parenthood was planning to open a facility in her hometown of Pasco, she briefly recounted the story of her painful, shocking abortion experience at a Pasco Planning Commission meeting in an effort to enlighten the commissioners and the public about Planned Parenthood’s true nature. Read the full, tragic story of her Planned Parenthood nightmare here.

PP overbills Medicaid by more than a half million.