More problems with PP in Washington: PP Spokane overbills Medicaid by almost $630,000
A state audit of Planned Parenthood of Spokane reveals that the abortion facility overbilled Medicaid by almost $630,000, which it must repay with interest.

According to the Abortion in Washington web site, the audit shows that PPS has been “overbilling Medicaid for condoms; charging for contraceptives without a prescription; 'unbundling’ abortion claims [separating costs such as post-abortion antibiotics, resulting in a higher rate than is allowed for the bundled services]; and claiming patients were having doctor visits when they were just picking up a prescription” as well as billing for pregnancy tests performed when pregnancy was not suspected and without medical necessity.

Dubuque County Right to Life announces Phase II of campaign against PP

A year ago, when Planned Parenthood opened a facility in Dubuque, Iowa, it hit a brick wall of opposition from Dubuque County Right to Life, an American Life League Associate group. The group decried this new “pipeline to abortion” and made good on its promise to have a peaceful, prayerful daily presence outside the center during business hours.

On the first anniversary of the PP facility’s opening, DCRTL executive director Steven Brody announced that his group is launching “a year-long multimedia advertising campaign that will utilize yard signs, digital billboards and stationary billboards, newspaper and radio,” according to Brody’s e-mail to Jill Stanek. The messages will challenge PP to defend itself by exposing the truth about the organization.

The billboards feature a poignant image of a blood-red child’s hand with a heart in the center. The logo can be seen on its Protest PP web site. Jill Stanek features photos of two of the billboards on her web site.

At the August 17 press conference unveiling Phase II of its plan, Brody explained his organization’s reasons for conducting such an intense educational campaign against PP:

 We believe that our children need to be protected from sexual predators in the community. We believe that families and the home are the places where sensitive discussions about sexuality should occur. But most importantly, we value life, as does a majority of Americans, based on recent polling conducted by major organizations such as Gallup, Harris, Rasmussen, Fox News, and Pew. We cherish and celebrate God’s creation. No child, created by God, should ever be sacrificed due to any alleged excuse of inconvenience. We will continue to be the voice for those who have no voice, and represent their right to life, just as we have done for the past 25 years.

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