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Catholic Democrats reject Conscience Bill

And we'll tell you
their names !!!


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PBS Host, Bonne Erbe:
"Quick death preferred over starvation".


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Grows Government, Hurts Kids

Pro-Life Protester Murdered

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Escondido priest warns
“evil has acceded to power” in Obama Administration


Change is Coming!

NY Democratic Senators vote to deny basic health care for unborn children.


The American taxpayer’s role in expanding anti-life public policies grows more each day under Obama administration.

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Conscience Clause at Risk

Bishop Dolan picked for New York City

Obama to sign "Baby Killing " Stem Cell Bill.

35 years of Pro-Life Archives

Vatican says Bishops must refuse communion to pro-abort "Catholic" politicians like Biden, Pelosi, Kennedy, Higgins .....


Pope chides Pelosi on abortion stance!

The Eagle Forum looks at the Catholic vote.