Defective Human Beings
(Sept. 15, 1933) Germany

Incomplete Human Beings (Jan. 22 1973) America

Eugenics policy, - NO Survivors !

Like the  pursued hero in Franz Kafka's novel, The Trial, the unborn child, unable to keep knowledge of his defect to himself, is pursued until death overtakes him or her.

The unborn child can neither "run" nor "hide".

Invasion of "genetic privacy".

Here are the "tools".

A new "Final Solution"

We'll find you. . .


 Tests for chromosomal afflictions.


 Tests for disorders of the blood and x-linked maladies.

By discovering certain abnormalities that the
unborn child might be "hiding", we can quickly get rid
 of him before he becomes a problem to society.

Prenatal screening / eugenic abortion is the tool by which the ideals of Planned Parenthood can be achieved.

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