Who to vote for?

 Election time is here again. 

At the Buffalo Regional Right to Life Office, as well as at my own law office, I receive a large number of calls from folks asking “who is prolife?” “who can I vote for”? 

Several years ago, the choice was a lot easier:  New York State had a party strictly devoted to culling candidates who are pro-life from those that support abortion. 

Now, please scroll down to the bottom of this letter before you go further:  consider the job it is to chase down all these candidates, and find out where they stand, if they will even tell you where they stand. 

I was one of those who devoted ¾ of a year to establishing this amazing party in the most liberal state in the union, and it was no small task.  But we had many hundreds, thousands even of people working state-wide committed to sacrifice for life. That was 1978. 

 I personally pushed a stroller down many streets, drafted the petitions needed to get the party’s candidates legally qualified on the ballot, then aided with the tumultuous legal battles we were beset with because of outrage of the abortion promoters and supporters. 

The hard work paid off certainly in Western New York…..we had a 100% pro-life delegation to Congress, we showed the play-for-pay politicians that good people could accomplish a good effort…the tide was turning, and I have a very interesting story of how I got Ronald Reagan to call the Right to Life Party Convention because he really wanted our support…………. 

However, 2 gubernatorial elections ago, it was time us to get the usual 50,000 votes for a candidate for governor on our party line, which gave us automatic ballot status for another 4 years….by then, we were an established party, and so many took for granted the hard work it took to keep a political party going….. 

That was the year 2002.  We fell about 3,500 votes short of our goal, and the party fell into the state where every time it wanted a candidate on its line, it would have to get 5% of the registered voters in a district to sign for a candidate. That meant first, paying for the list of registered voters in the district.  That was very costly.  Then, it meant getting 5% of those voters to sign petitions, an endless, time consuming task requiring huge numbers of volunteers to go door to door in a short window of time, getting the signatures, checking them, doing the procedure to file them (purposely made difficult by those who run politics in the state), and then working for the election to follow.

Why didn’t we get the 50,000 votes statewide on the gubernatorial line?  It was really a no-brainer for anyone who was really pro-life.  We had pro-abortion Pataki and Carl McCall, both pro-abortion, and Tom Golisano on the Independence line, who called himself “pro-life”, but only a tiny bit.  Read on. 

That year, a well known preacher on a religious TV station gave a brilliant sermon on how every Christian and Catholic MUST vote for candidates who will work against abortion, it was great. BUT THEN he ended this sermon with the caveat, that well, if there was someone who was ‘kind of’ pro-life but had a chance to be elected”, well, vote that way. 

Within days, an 8 ½ by 11 full color flyer with the most beautiful baby came by, flaunting Tom Golisano as “the only pro-life candidate on the ballot”.  HOW pro-life was he?  he was only opposed partial birth abortion, which amounts to infanticide.  
However, the only real pro-life candidates on the ballot for Governor was on the RIGHT TO LIFE PARTY LINE:  Gerald CRONIN!!!!  The party fell 3,500 votes short, and the Right to Life Party went into history, and since then, despite repeated requests in Western New York, we could not raise up the volunteers to hit the streets so we have the punch and public presence that having a RIGHT TO LIFE PARTY alone can do, to help pro-life candidates win offices.  In the past, it gave the margin of victory or defeat many times, and provided a guaranteed block of voters.   

Now this is history. 

So now, having once had a party that vetted out the RIGHT TO LIFE CANDIDATES, people scrounge around to find out who stands for life, and most candidates DODGE the issue.  We survey candidates, but without being able to say we have  a block of voters who will vote for the pro-life candidates,  political candidates don’t even bother to respond to a survey. 

Even more, one person looking to see what candidate of many  is ‘pro-life’ and thinking it is a big deal to endow that person with your vote has little or no meaning. 

Without a committed block of voters that we can deliver,  we can continue to expect the tide of pro-abortion, anti-family candidates to set our policies and make our laws. 

However, any one who is really committed to life will understand that WE MUST CHANGE OUR LAWS and that can only be done by getting PRO LIFE PRO FAMILY candidates in office, and that is only done by hard, painful time consuming work.  One snowflake in a blizzard does not count, but every snowflake in an avalanche pleads “NOT GUILTY”.   

How do you plead?  If you believe you are pro-life, put some feet to your beliefs and VOLUNTEER NOW to work on re-starting the Right to Life Party in Western New York when it will really matter….next year’s house of representative races.  

Call 716-852-3028 to volunteer. Speak clearly, add your name, address and phone number and email, and ROLL UP THOSE SLEEVES.  We will need to get started the first of 2012 to really do something and your time and talents are needed!!!! 

                                                                                                Stasia Zoladz Vogel

                                                                                                President BRRTLC