The Health Care Issue

Abortion is in Senate Bill,
(Capps Amndt is slick trick).

Removal of Stupak Amendent will kill Health Care Reform

What was gained and what was lost?

Abortion isn't Health Care

Contact Rep. Patrick Kennedy

Senior Citizen Speaks out... Enlightening video

Discover the The Truth!

A Lawyer Reads the Bill

Health Care fixes to be voted this week...

No doubt about it!

Abortion in Baucus Bill

New Bill contains
"Death Panels"

Includes Abortion!

Obama Lies on Abortion in Health Care Bill...

Abortion Coverage Shell Game

Catastrophic or Routine?
Health care gone awry.
On Health Care by Stacey Vogel
More Health Care Information

Abortion? It's in there!!!

"What's optional today will become mandatory tomorrow."

Common Ground Flawed

Dem Leader demands abortion coverage

 "If you give them the tools, they will use them."

Beancounter's Rule #1
"It's the bottom line!"

Palin Opposes H.C. Bill.
Read her article here.

Abortion Funding covered up


"Advisories become laws, and laws grow teeth."

What they say, is not what they mean...

Obamaspeak ===  Is it (tax funded abortion" or "gov't collected premiums")?

Act Now!

Here's how you can help to defeat this assault on the Unborn & the Elderly.

Planned Parenthood slithers into Schools.

The more words, the more interpretation!

Bishops say NO!

Obama tries Religious Sleight of Hand.