May Special Election Issue       Buffalo Regional Right to Life Committee 852-3028

Tuesday May 24,2011

Special Congressional Election

to fill the 26th Congressional seat formerly held by Chris Lee (R-NY)

Following the scandal of Chris Lee, who was our only pro-life voting member of Congress, the election to replace him will take place this coming Tuesday. At the recent "Lawyers for Life" dinner, converted ex-Planned Parenthood abortion saleswoman Abby Johnson urged all not to make attendance at the dinner their only pro-life activity. In recent years, while pro-life in Western New York has seen many new groups develop, we sadly suffered the loss of the Right to Life Party and with that, loss of recognition of an identifiable voting block as there was less participation and commitment of local pro-lifers to work in the political realm to elect pro-life representatives to Congress. Remember, we once had a 100% PRO-LIFE CONGRESSIONAL DELEGATION from Western New York. Now, BRRTLC finds it harder and harder to move to action workers to return to that status. We now have rabid pro-abort Slaughter and committed to abortion Higgins, both quick to fill Planned Parenthood with millions to not only do abortions, but pervert the minds and hearts of children with promiscuity and deviant 'education' materials they use our money to pay for. REMEMBER----

"Representative" (Webster Dictionarv): means "one who is authorized to act for another .. "

hence, the sad truth is not one of these candidates have responded to our survey as of press time for this newsletter, which included questions not only about abortion, but also where they would stand on tax money for Planned Parenthood & deviant ('gay' marriage). We interpret no response as pro-abortion!

Therefore, the best we can do is give direct contact information for you to call or email these politicians, and ask where they stand, but that is never as good as a written response. Again, without an identified block of voters, if they say they are 'pro-life' means it won't go very far to assuring commitment to the life principles. At least, let them know you are out there & vote!!!


Jack Davis (Tea Party) or 716-542-5200

Kathleen Hochul (Democrat, Wkg. Families) 861-6881

Jane L. Corwin (Republican, Conservative, Independence) 839-4691 or 518- 455- 4601

We urge you to contact them directly since none responded!!!

District Includes: Amherst, Clarence, Lancaster, Newstead and Alden 2,4, & 9 and extends into Genesee, Livingston, Monroe, Niagara, Orleans & Wyoming Counties

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HR 3 Vote in Congress "No Taxpayers funding of Abortion Act" to amend Obama's Health Care overhaul so abortions could not be paid for with tax dollars. Passed 251 to 175. A 'yes' vote is pro-life, 'no' vote is ~ro-abortion funding. Brian Higgins voted NO, Louise Slaughter voted NO. Thomas Reed from the 29t District voted "YES". Obviously, no vote for the Lee seat. (Thanks to Tom Lynch for his consistent work to keep us updated on Albany and Washington votes on key issues).

Lawyers for Life Dinner: CD's of the stirring talk by ex-Planned Parenthood abortion saleswoman Abby Johnson are available for a donation of $7.50 to BRRTLC. Larger donations receive quantity CD's. Worth distributing to your unconvinced and pro-abortion associates. $1 of every donation to us will be forwarded on to all the western New York crisis pregnancy centers if your donation is received within the week.

RIP: BRRTLC regrets the loss of Marion Darr. Marion was a nurse, committed pro-lifer who worked at our first pregnancy care center in Western New York, the Emergency Pregnancy Care Center of Buffalo which we operated in the Statler Towers for over 10 years. Marion was always praying for the pro-life cause, and supporting everything pro-life and put feet to her beliefs. We will miss this dear lady. We also regret the loss of Anne Moore who passed away, and also was a committed volunteer at the Emergency Pregnancy Care Center and hosted Joseph Scheidler for our Committee when, over 20+ years ago, BRRTLC began the movement of sidewalk counseling and active presence on the sidewalks outside the "Womenservices" abortuary on Elmwood Aveue in Buffalo. An amazing weekend, which, if plans succeed, will be included in a book documenting the history of the pro-life movement in Buffalo New York. Another dear and committed friend of pro-life, Dr. Richard Romanowski, suffered the loss of his wife, and we offer our deep condolences to Dr. Romanowski and his family.

Ellen McCormack, early pro-life activist who shocked the pro-abort politicians when she ran for President in 1976, which campaign launched the Right to Life Party in New York State and she ran again in 1980, passed away. The 1976 run was historic, as we pro-lifers saturated the state and succeeded in putting Right to Life on the map in the most liberal state in the union. Jeff Vogt (RIP), Lillian Tepley, Stacey Vogel, and many others worked night and day in that effort locally, and shocked the career politicians who thought abortion would be just another advancement in the agenda to destroy what was one of the top priorities, stopping "overpopulation". We mourn Ellen's death, and believe her entry into eternity was a joyous passage for her lifelong sacrifices for life

"Healthy, Happy and Hot" is not the "most popular publication" of Planned Parenthood. A graphic brochure, it advocates casual sexual activity among youth. According to International Planned Parenthood, it became their most popular publication. As Abby Johnson stated in her speech Wednesday night, PP is right there on each and every college campus it can enter, promoting its agenda. It promotes oral, anal and homosexual sex acts. PP distributed this brochure in August in the World Youth Conference in Leon, Mexico, and goes not only in our country, but around the world pandering to the vulnerable youth, and promoting promiscuity. Once again, our money pays the bills for Planned Parenthood. THOSE WHO "REPRESENT" US VOTE OUR MONEY TO PAY for this.

Planned Parenthood BUS on Buffalo Streets: BRRTLC President Stasia Vogel, traveling so many times to a local hospital to care for a family member, observed a huge bus identified at "PLANNED PARENTHOOD" parked alongside the curb in downtown Buffalo. Now they have "curb service". Just remember, because of the sad loss of our voting block and the Right to Life Party, we are weakened. If all you do is go to the March for Life with another group that sponsors buses, and think you have checked off your duty, guess again. Fighting this diabolical slaughter of our children in the womb, and then their hearts and minds and souls, is a never-ending battle, and we have to answer for our "representatives" in Congress and in all areas of government. We let them speak, vote, and pay for things on our behalf.

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Sad warning to beware of: we regret that National Right to Life and New York State Right to Life are setting up an extension here in Western New York. While we welcome all pro-lifers to work in the field, NYSRTL and NRTLC support exceptions to abortion, which, as Judie Brown and Nellie Gray know full well, make our defense of life flimsy: Exceptions Break the Rule of life. BRRTLC was once an affiliate of NYSRTL but because of their support of countless exceptions to abortion (such as rape, incest, life of mother, and a number of other cases in the past) BRRTLC disaffiliated from these two groups. Those in the abortion industry know full well that once you accept abortion for certain reasons you accept abortion. At our October 23,2010 conference, former candidate for the New York State Assembly, declined support from New York State Right to Life because their supporting her included that she support exceptions to abortion. Helen Westover declined, saying, if she supported 'exceptions' to abortion, she would not be alive. Her speech and magnificent life story is available from the BRRTLC or Oltyn Library Services, as is the complete conference.

Fall Conference Planned: A stunning presenting on the "Pill from Hell": how the birth control pill destroyed the family, its population control origins, and other shocking information will be presented a fall conference. It is being planned for some time in October. Other topics will include the birth control pill and breast cancer connection, what Newsweek magazine called "The Case for Killing Granny" in a September 2000 issue wherein it had an article "Curbing Excessive End-of-Life Care is Good for America" by Evan Thomas. BRRTLC knows that the Rockfeller foundation groups and its tentacles have used abortion, corruption of youth, promotion of birth control and two child families n the US for decades, and the convenient disposal of the elderly with excessive pain medications, and other deceptive proposals to families experiencing illness and suffering in the elderly are ripe for encouragement to dispatch the lives of those who could live with good care. In the halls of a Catholic hospital, many pamphlets were gathered with such titles as ""Facing the Food Issue". Creeping euthanasia of the sick, of all ages has been a factor here, and this topic, painful as it might be to some families here, will be addressed at the fall conference. Top Speaker from a Baptist church from another state will address biblical lessons on what God has done to destroy nations that take the lives of innocent infants and which practice deviant immorality. Please attend this conference. "My People are Destroyed for Lack of Knowledge" is a biblical warning. Be informed: you must be armed with knowledge to take on the enemy in this diabolical battle for God's kingdom.

"Gay" "Marriage" top agenda item for Andrew Cuomo was planned for a vote in Albany, but it seems so far he does not have the votes to push this horror through. We pre-addressed a postcard for you to mail to him at the governor's mansion where he lives with his girlfriend to speak for the sanctity of marriage as God ordained it, between a man and a woman. If there is sufficient demand, we will have a supply of postcards for you to have your friends and family to send in to any and all New York State Legislators as this battle heats up. Tom Lynch has advised us the Freedom's Alert is out there working to defend marriage as well, but we can't be caught sleeping on this issue. If we get sufficient support, we will print up thousands of cards that you can pick up at our offices at the Blessed Mother's House. Call the Right to Life phone for details at 852- 3028 and leave your contact information is you are interested in postcards to distribute at your church, civic group or family function.

CD's of prior conferences: see our website: for information on how to order past conference recordings. Excellent information on many topics, including hospital survival, vaccines and their impact on health, relation to autism, the Gardasil fiasco and entre to possible sterility in young women, the "coming age of barbarianism" conference where plans for destruction of our culture were presented to a conference of doctors in 1969, and a number of other timely topics can be requested for a donation.

Blessed Mother's House-not a residence-- is the successor to the work of the Buffalo Regional Right to Life Committee. 25 years ago, the Buffalo Regional Right to Life Committee began the very first pro-life, practical help Pregnancy Care Center in the entire region. The "Emergency Pregnancy Care Center" was located in the Statler Towers and ran for over 10 years.

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It was modeled after Eleanor Martin's Emergency Pregnancy Care Centers in the New York City area, and she spent a weekend with us training us in running this very first oasis for mothers and infants in Western New York.

Throughout its history, the Emergency Pregnancy Care Center of Buffalo, through wonderful volunteers and supporters gave thousands of pregnancy tests, and assisted countless mothers in deciding to keep their children, we helped with clothing, for mothers, other children, infants, sometimes the entire family, finding and getting whatever it took to save a life, whether it was needed housing, arrangements for medical care, furniture, at times furnishing whole homes or apartments, and providing contact with a team of wonderful, devoted and Godly women who were often the only life raft in a sea of difficulty in which some felt they were drowning.

One touching story where a mother kept here baby, delivering it on January 13 many years ago, wrote us back after many years, sending us a photograph of not only the handsome boy whose life was saved, but his beautiful sister in her cheerleading outfit. Mom's life took off after baby was born, because despite trials, God blessed her and she now has wonderful children but a successful career!

Tom Lynch our weary but determined warrior is thanked for his hard work on regular updates for life. Tom is a treasure, and not only works continually for life, but suffers much abuse in response. God bless Tom and his wonderful family for their commitment to life!