Right now, please sign this Petition to Block Obama's Abortion & Euthanasia “Health Care” Bill!


Dear Catholic Pro-Life Friend,
Congress is THIS CLOSE to voting on Obama's “health care” bill — legislation that will kill babies in the womb and deny life-saving medical care to the elderly.
Last minute action by pro-lifers is required to BURY Obama's abortion and euthanasia legislation.
So sign your Petition now!  We can stop Obama's health care bill — if we act now!
     Steven W. Mosher, President
     Population Research Institute
P. S.  Be sure to read about the two spiritual gifts I'm holding in your name!
Steven W. Mosher




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PRI is a 501(c)(3) educational organization, which works with a growing, global network of pro-life groups in over 30 countries, to stop the spread of abortion and to roll back population control programs, as well as to educate young people and married couples on the blessings of chastity and childbearing. PRI has successfully reduced or eliminated over $790 million of funding for radical population control groups and organizations that wrongly seek to eliminate poverty, illiteracy and pollution by eliminating children. All donations are both appreciated and tax-deductible.

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