Pruning the Garden

Today, Planned Parenthood is the leading proponent of Child Killing in the world.

Planned Parenthood is synonymous with the pruning of offspring.

PP supports certain ideals such as a two child family , consisting of one boy and one girl.

Those who do not conform to this ideal are considered ignorant breeders.

Anyone who has ever tended a garden knows that in order to have delicious, robust carrots, one must thin the rows.

Simply put, that means culling the shoots. You don't have to pull out the weak ones, just thin the lot.

The remaining carrots will have plenty of room to develop producing a superb harvest.

It works on both ends of the scale.
You can also destroy the old to make way for the young.
This removes the un-productive eaters.
The same philosophy has been used for years in the logging industry.
 Whenever you log a wood, you remove the old mature timber
and allow the young trees to grow in the sunlight.

The bottom line is:

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