The Buffalo Regional Right to Life is a non-profit organization which seeks in the long term to reverse the
 Roe v Wade abortion decision of 1973. In the short term our focus is continuing to be an enduring and steadfast presence
 in Western New York, our state and Washington DC to establish, promote, protect and confirm
the God-given right to life, and God's rights to protect all of His children.

Stacy Zoladz Vogel

I have been involved in defending life from the day the judicial legislation came out.  I have defended protesters, and worked in all areas of pro-life.  There is no such thing as "pro-choice".  If you agree infants awaiting birth can be exterminated in their mother's wombs, you are pro- abortion, nothing more, nothing less. 

Don't hide behind the deceptive "choice".  If there was no choice, there would be no death to the infant awaiting birth in the womb.  If, as the "Pudu Overload" person states, seeing a human execution by abortion is so unbearable, then Pudu had better start thinking about it.

Abortion is the worst assault on life in the history of mankind, and people better face it.  Sexual relations belong in marriage, where a husband and wife commit themselves to all of the results of their union.  That makes marriage sacred, and holy as it must be. 

Planned Parenthood puts on this sanctimonious facade, but sells any and all inducements to sexual activity to any and all young people it can get to.  Expecting a child is not a "birth control failure" or a "punishment" as Barack Obama called it in the campaign for the White House.

Expecting a child is a direct result of relations that belong in marriage and no place else. These were our common beliefs, our mores, until the until the "Title" this and "Title" that federal population control funding programs came along and, with our tax dollars, sold sexual inducements to the young in schools under the sales aegis of "sex" education, inferring that there were "out of wedlock" pregnancies due to ignorance. 

No one was ever so stupid as to not know where babies come from.  Planned Parenthood is a lie, it was begun by the racist eugenicist Margaret Sanger and is the root cause of not only so much immorality, but countless lives wrecked, so many hearts hurt, and so many children's lives taken by her barbaric beliefs.   Stop buying the lie people, it has to stop. Forever.