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September 18, 2012

Risk of death increases after abortion

Yet another scientific study has revealed the dangers posed to women by abortion. According to LifeSite News, a new study of Danish abortions finds that abortion shortens a mother’s lifespan significantly. The study of 463,473 women from Denmark over a 30-year period shows that the risk of death following a first trimester abortion is significantly increased compared to women delivering a first pregnancy. The heightened risk ranges from 84 percent after 180 days to 39 percent after 10 years. The risk is considerably higher for abortions after 12 weeks gestation, from 331 percent after one year to 141 percent after a decade. The study showed a significantly higher rate of death associated with later abortions than for natural birth for every time period over one year.

The research was conducted by David C. Reardon and Priscilla K. Coleman of the Elliot Institute and the Human Development and Family Studies department of Bowling Green State University in Ohio. They used statistics from Statistics Denmark: the National Hospital Register, the Fertility database for births and stillbirths, the National Board of Health Abortion Registry for abortions and the Cause of Death Register for 1977 to 2004. The Danish study closely follows recently released data from Finland, published in the journal Human Reproduction, showing statistically significant links between abortion and low birth weight and prematurity in subsequent births. Read more here.

GOP 2012 Platform Is Solidly Pro-Family, Pro-Life

The recent Republican National Convention in Tampa, FL has produced probably the most conservative, pro-family and pro-life platform ever, according to RNC for Life National President Phyllis Schlafly, who served as a member of the Platform Committee.

While the GOP platform affirms the sanctity of life in multiple issues including abortion, euthanasia, embryonic stem cell research and end of life issues, the corresponding Democrat platform not only calls for unlimited abortion on demand, including partial birth abortions, but also wants the taxpayers to pick up the tab on these murders of pre-born babies. The Democrats platform is silent on the other life issues although it praises their President’s executive order overturning President Bush’s ban on extending embryonic stem cell research. Read either platform here: Republican Party or Democrat Party

Planned Parenthood Mischief of the Week

If we didn’t know otherwise, we might have mistaken the recent Democrat National Convention for a Planned Parenthood rally as virtually every speaker extolled the virtues of abortion – though most used the “code words” of women’s reproductive freedom, women’s health issues and the like. A prominent prime-time speaker was Planned Parenthood’s leader, Cecile Richards. Even liberal Cokie Roberts complained that the anti-life convention had gone overboard in its virtually unanimous theme of promoting abortion. Read her remarks here.

Meanwhile, the Republican nominee, Mitt Romney, spoke convincingly of his pro-life beliefs and the GOP convention spotlighted pro-life women time after time, such as Govs. Nikki Haley (SC) and Susana Martinez (NM). It’s clear that pro-lifers must help elect the pro-life Romney-Ryan slate and evict the most pro-abortion President ever from the White House. To help make calls from your home into critical swing states, click here.

Also at stake is the U.S. Senate. Our upcoming RNC for Life REPORT will detail several Senate races that are crucial for our nation’s turnaround. Click here to request a free copy.

2012 Pro-life Republican Convention Resolutions

2012 Pro-life Republican Convention Resolutions Republican precinct, county/district and state conventions are fast approaching. Grassroots pro-life and pro-family Republicans will once again have an opportunity to offer pro-life platform resolutions at their local and state conventions. The principles contained in … Continue reading

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