Pro-Life Clergy And Bloggers Expose Abortion Stands,
Contribute To Election Day Upset

Her pro-abortion stand is likely the principal reason that Brazilian frontrunner Dilma Rousseff failed to win a majority in last Sunday's presidential elections, according to the Brazilian press. reports that Ms. Rousseff, who represents the ruling Labor Party, was leading in polls by 59% — 51% going into September. However, her lead among pro-life voters was eroded following the distribution of several YouTube videos linking both the candidate and the Brazilian Labor Party with the legalization of abortion. In a stunning upset, Ms. Rousseff received only 47% of the vote, forcing her into a runoff with José Serra of the Social Democratic party.


"During the final phase of the campaign, Dilma began to lose votes against Evangelical and Catholic voters because she would be favorable to the proposed legalization of abortion in the country," the Estado newspaper reported, adding that "members of the campaign of [Labor Party candidate] Dilma Rouseff recognize that they have not been able to give an efficient response to religious issues, like the legalization of abortion."


In a last-ditch attempt to dispell pro-lifers concerns, Ms. Rousseff had told the nation's media that she is a Catholic and is "personally against abortion." (Sounds like some Democrats here in the U.S.A.) However, noting that her actions spoke more loudly than her words, Evangelical ministers, Catholic bishops, and pro-life bloggers worked diligently to inform like-minded voters of Rousseff's pro-abortion record which contributed to the surprise upset. One Evangelical minister even was threatened with legal action by Labor Party representatives last month following his sermon encouraging his flock not to vote for Labor Party candidates because of the party's pro-abortion, homosexualist political agenda. His sermon was converted to a YouTube video and received millions of views.

Meet More RNC-Life Candidates


Below, you will meet a livestock farmer, an insurance agent, a car dealer, an engineer and a former Army paratrooper, all pro-life patriots running for Congress.


These candidates are among those RNC for Life has endorsed as being 100% pro-life. They all are also in very close races against their Democrat opponents. As the campaigns gear up for the last crucial 30 days, we would like to be able to funnel even more PAC funds to candidates in these close races.


Will you send a donation today to our PAC fund by clicking here? Let's put the pro-life advocates over the top on November 2, 2010!

Rocky Raczkowski (MI 9) This campaign is reminiscent of the famous movie some years ago — the hero is working hard to achieve a goal that gets closer every day in this toss-up race against a one-term incumbent who was swept into office during Obama-mania. Rocky's accomplishments seem to begin at an early age, beginning with his military service. Enlisting in the Army Reserves at age 17, he served in the military for 24 years, including two tours overseas in assignments ranging from infantryman to paratrooper, retiring as a Major. Fluent in three languages, Rocky earned a Bachelor of Arts in political science and psychology from Eastern Michigan University and went on to his Master's studies at Central Michigan University while serving in our Armed Forces. During his service in the State Legislature, he attended night school and earned a law degree from Michigan State University, Detroit College of Law. As a State Representative for six years, Rocky was elected by his peers to be the youngest Majority Floor Leader in the nation. A former small business owner and CEO, Rocky understands that jobs are not created by government but rather by the private sector. He also is a dedicated community volunteer, affiliated with many charitable and civic organizations, and sincerely enjoys spending time educating children about our government and service to others. To learn more about Rocky, visit

David McKinley (WV-1) A civil engineer, David spent 12 years in the construction industry and taught night classes in local technical colleges. He then established his own architectural and engineering company that has grown to include multiple offices in West Virginia and Pennsylvania. As a successful small businessman, McKinley has created hundreds of jobs and understands the vital role of small businesses in creating private sector jobs and strengthening the economy. For more than a decade, David served in the state legislature and also has been Chairman of the State Republican Party. Both as a legislator and as State Party Chairman, he advocated conservative principles of smaller, less intrusive government and lower taxes. As an individual with significant hearing impairment and grandfather to a child with special needs, David is no stranger to overcoming the obstacles of disabilities. His wife Mary is a registered nurse practicing in a community hospital and is a nationally recognized nursing consultant. They are the proud parents of four children and six grandchildren. Demonstrating the anti-incumbent mood both in West Virginia and the entire country, the incumbent in this district was defeated in the primary, so that David is now running a very close race for an open seat, having come successfully through a six-person GOP primary. To see why David has been recognized twice by West Virginia Executive Magazine as one of the 50 most influential people in West Virginia, visit his website:

Mike Kelly (PA-3) Running hard in this toss up race, Mike Kelly is a proud graduate of Notre Dame which he attended on an academic/football scholarship. His opponent is another liberal Democrat one-termer elected in 2008. As a successful small businessman, Mike now owns the family car dealerships which help provide local jobs for more than 100 people. He also serves on various auto industry boards, including "Hope on Wheels," an organization that has donated over $14 million to childhood cancer research institutions nationwide. Due to his strong support of his community, Mike has received the Catholic Charities Mary DeMucci Award. Noting that he has lived within his means, Mike thinks Washington should do the same. When he purchased his father's business in 1995, he borrowed money using collateral, rather than having his children co-sign any of his loans. Mike says that Washington is using our children and our grandchildren as the co-signers to these massive spending bills, creating mountains of debt which our children and grandchildren will have to pay. Mike vouches to run Washington like his business: If a program is not working, then throwing more money at it will not fix it. Rather, he believes that the wasteful, out-of-control spending and disregard of the hardworking taxpayers' money needs to stop, so we can get government out of the way and let America work. Mike and his wife, Victoria, have four children and four grandchildren. Learn more about this hardworking candidate's campaign at

Austin Scott (GA-8) This very close toss up race pits Republican Austin Scott against a Democrat who has been in Congress for a decade and who claims to be "conservative." Yet this "conservative" Democrat voted for Nancy Pelosi for Speaker of the House and supported Obama's failed stimulus that helped create jobs in China, not Georgia. Austin served in the Georgia General Assembly for 14 years after first being elected at age 26 and was named a "Hero of Open Government" by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. He served as Chairman of the House Governmental Affairs Committee, where he earned a reputation for being fair and solutions-oriented. As the son of an orthopedic surgeon, Austin has a strong interest in defunding, repealing and replacing Obama's government takeover of our healthcare system. He appreciates the relationships between patients, physicians, pharmacists, and other professionals in the healthcare system, and has worked to remove the roadblocks to patient care. In 2006, Representative Scott was selected to serve on the State Trauma Commission, which he helped create, to improve access to trauma care throughout the State. Austin is a two-time recipient of the American Cancer Society's Outstanding Legislative Leadership Award (2003, 2004), and the Georgia Association of Emergency Medical Service's Star of Life Legislative Award (2007, 2008). He has served as a Board member of the Coastal Plains Chapter of the American Red Cross. A lifetime member of the NRA since 1993, he is an avid hunter and outdoorsman. An independent insurance broker, Austin and his wife Vivien are graduates of Leadership Georgia's Class of 2007 and the parents of eleven-year-old Wells. Watch his new videos at

Bob Gibbs (OH-18) Yet another close toss up race, this one is in Ohio where a two-term Democrat is being seriously challenged by Republican Bob Gibbs, a man used to winning elections. After graduating from the Ohio State University Agricultural Technical Institute in 1974, Bob founded Hidden Hollow Farms, a livestock production farm and has been its owner/operator for more than 30 years. Since 1985, Bob has served on the Board of Trustees of the Ohio Farm Bureau. In 2002, he filed as a candidate for the Ohio House of Representatives, defeating a primary challenger with nearly 70% of the vote and then winning the General Election with more than 62% of the vote. As proof that Bob was serving his district well, his constituents re-elected him twice before voting to send him to the Ohio State Senate in 2008. One recent vote there was to encourage Congress to vote against the dangerous National Energy Tax (Cap-and-Trade). Bob also helped to protect and enhance property owners' rights by reforming Ohio's eminent domain law as well as reducing the tax burden on Ohio's businesses by co-drafting the largest income tax reduction in the state's history and successfully overhauling the way businesses have to process sales taxes. Bob was chosen as a "Guardian of Small Business" by the National Federation of Independent Businesses, a three time recipient of the Watchdog of the Treasury award from United Conservatives of Ohio and Legislator of the Year by the Ohio Restaurant Association. He is especially proud to have received "A" grades from the NRA, the Buckeye Firearms Association and the Gun Owners of America, putting him strongly in the corner of fellow sportsmen and gun owners. Bob and his wife of 33 years, Jody, have three grown children. Check out his website at