Stem Cells

The first thing to know about stem cell is that they come in three basic varieties.

  • Embryonic

  • Adult

  • Cord Blood

Embryonic Stem Cells

  • These cells are immature (undifferentiated) cells that are culled from a developing embryo.

  • The embryo is a living human being who must die in the process.

  • Because the cells are from a different human being from the one in which they will eventually be implanted they can be a source for tumors.

Adult Stem Cells

  • These are stem cells that are induced from the cells of an adult. No one has to die to get them.

  • They can be obtained from an individual's bone marrow and even skin or fat cells.

  • They won't be rejected because they have the same DNA as the person from whom they came.

Cord Blood Stem Cells

  • These are cells abundant in the umbilical cord.

  • They have the same genetic code as baby they are derived from.

  • If saved they can be used through out the lifetime of the individual.

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