Screening to Perfection

Prenatal screening / eugenic abortion

In this way, the concept of a "master race" becomes a real possibility.
 We must first purge the race of its defects.
 One day, perhaps, color could be considered a "defect".
Only 'perfect genes' will be entitled to reproduce.
With these new tools, any defects will be swiftly eliminated.
 Plato's ideal can become reality.

We must define every human being as a ' person' under law !

But, that  is not in PP's game plan, because Planned Parenthood is "pro-choice".

So let the games begin !

Eliminating Defective Races

The effect of X-rays on the human generative glands.

In 1941, Dr. Horst Schuhmann, when gassing of mental patients no longer required all of his time, proposed to solve the Jewish problem by mass sterilization.

Material was made available to him and he proceeded to experiment on Jews by exposing their sexual organs to massive doses of radiation.
The subjects had to return to work immediately and those who could not continue were gassed.

The rest after 2 to 4 weeks were castrated and their testicles dissected and examined under the microscope.

In between this work, Dr. Schuhmann sterilized Gypsy children without anesthesia at another camp. 

The results of this research concluded that X-rays were too expensive for this purpose and had deleterious side effects such as burns and radiation sickness.

Methods of mass sterilization

     Professor Clauberg and Professor Hohfelder reported a method for sterilizing up to a thousand Jewesses a day with a chemical irritant injected into the uterus.
      Hundreds of women were shipped from Ravensbruck to Auschwitz. The injected Jewesses were locked up with a Jew in order to test the results. Those who did not die of the injections were eventually gassed.

"The Theory and Practice of Hell"
 Eugene Kogen 1958

Numbers Game

(A social solution)

     A five year experiment at the University of Oklahoma Health Service Center on newborns with spina bifida.
     A team of physicians, nurses, physical and occupational therapists, a social worker and a psychologist "decided, in each case, whether to recommend 'active and vigorous treatment' or  inform the parents that they did not consider them obligated to have the baby treated.."
     Hentoff explained the basis of each decision.
     "To determine which infants were to be given death tickets, the medical team relied in substantial part on a 'quality of life' formula:
 QL = NE X (H = S).
     "QL is the quality of life the child is likely to have if he is allowed to live.   NE is the child's natural endowment (physical and intellectual). 
     H is the contribution the child can expect from his home and family.
     S is the probable contribution to that  handicapped child from society."
     Hentoff noted that an infant loses part of his chance for survival " if his parents are on the lower rungs of poverty.
     Hentoff reported that a civil rights lawyer, Martin Gerry, investigated this classically eugenic "experiment".
     He found that parents were not told about the quality -of-life formula, that is, they were led to believe that whether the baby received treatment or not was solely based on medical criteria.

 Atlantic Monthly
Nat Hentoff March 1985


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