The Genetic Code

Little girls used to be made of sugar and spice and everything nice and...
of course, little boys used to be made of
snakes, lizards and puppy dog tails.

Little girl (honey pot, flowers)


little boy (snakes,lizard)

As scientists looked at ever smaller and smaller units of matter they found that all living things were made of cells. 

There are only a few basic cell types; muscle, brain, skin or bone. 

Animal cells are different than plant cells.

Click on the cell
to examine parts of the cell.

Picture of large cell, link

Although cells are different from each other, depending upon their function, they are also different from the same cells of different species.

There are muscle cells in dogs and snakes. There are brain cells in chickens, cows and men.

 As different as these cells are they are also very much alike. No matter where the cell comes from:

Every protein in our universe is made of the same Amino Acids.

All living things are made of molecules of protein.

It turns out that little boys, girls and all other living things are made of the same stuff.

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Boy and Girl with atom mouse over

Both Amino acids and proteins are themselves made of even more basic chemicals.

Let's see what that stuff is.

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