The history of life is written
in the woven strands of DNA.

Earth is full of all kinds of "beings". These beings can be classified into many species.

It is DNA that ultimately defines each and every species on our planet.

Venn diagram of being

The diagram shows how we logically tell different kinds of "Beings" apart.

Click on the category of "living beings" to see how they are classified.

God is the Author of the Book of Life.

The Book of Life can be read in many ways.

The Bottom Line:

 It is DNA that maintains this continuity. Through each individual, the DNA code is passed from one generation to the next. DNA is transmitted through mating.

If "individuals" of a species fail to mate, that species is doomed.

Two flowers

Click on the blossoms to find out how the color of some flowers led to the discovery of the Genetic Code

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