Human Genome

Chromosomes and Genes

The " Human Female Chromosomes".

You are female if you possess two
"X" Chromosomes.

Chromosomes (female)

All Human Beings have 23 Chromosomes. There are 22 pairs plus 1 additional pair. This extra pair determines our sex.  There are two sexes, male and female. These Chromosomes contain our Genetic Code!

Chromosomes (Male)

The "Human Male Chromosome".

You are male if you also possess a "Y" Chromosome.

Our sexuality is completely determined by the "X" and "Y" chromosomes. You are either male or female.

There are certain chromosomal aberrations, but there is no normal homosexuality in any of the higher species of nature.

 A species must reproduce if it is to survive!

A typical chromosome is shown below. Biologists use a schematic diagram called an "ideogram" to represent the actual chromosome.

In these diagrams the Chromosomes are arranged in order of length.

Click on chromosome to see what the Human Genome will mean for us all.

Chromosome Schematic chromosome

Each unit is composed of the sequence of letters shown.

The letters of the code are "A, C, T and G.

Code sequence

These letters are arranged in triplets. Each triplet codes for one of the 22 amino acids.

There are 3.3 thousand million (3.3 billion) letter entries in our genetic code.

This is roughly the number of letters in 900 Bibles.

Uncoiled and stretched out end to end, a single DNA strand would be about three feet long.

Of course, it is unbelievably thin, only several atoms wide.

If we were to take the DNA strand from every cell
in our body and place them end to end,
 the resulting strand would reach across our solar system!

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